Discussion on: Svelte for Sites, React for Apps

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Ryan Carniato

Oh man this is heating up. Elder.js is interesting. MarkoJS has been doing this high performance partial hydration thing for years but I hadn't seen many other libraries make much progress here. Some had succeeded at skipping processing overhead but few the same sophistication of shipping less JS in completely automatic isomorphic way. That's very exciting.

I don't think the lines are that cut and dry. I mean I get from personal experience the small bundles and high performance attracting marketing and eCommerce. But Svelte's techniques don't preclude you from the application space. Conversely, there are sites that operate at massive scale that benefit from constructs beyond someones blog site. React might be structured better for applications and their orchestration features are designed to scale. However, look at how Svelte scales with feature use.

I get the right tool for the job thing, but Svelte's approach changes the rules. Modern bundlers are amazing. The right architecture could scale on features like Svelte with the philosophy of React. A bundler like Rollup can literally rewrite the code to the degree a feature as deeply invasive like Concurrent mode can be tree shaken right of the core of a library. How long before we see a bundler be able to code split a single module? What if you could opt in to pieces of the framework in different chunks?

Now I'm not going to say everyone picks up a library like that. People like Vue or Svelte for this simple entry point and Vue is very proud of it's progressive learning curve. So presenting things the way React does out the door might not suit everyone and that might be sufficient to give libraries specializations.

But I'd argue if anything Svelte has shown us there is very little stopping us from having it all. There is so much that hasn't been explored here. This doesn't have to be so versus. Both sides with time can learn from the other. But maybe that's something for the next generation of libraries to worry about.

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shawn swyx wang πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Author

indeed. maybe in a few years I'll be writing "Svelte for everything". but per my final section, I really doubt anything scales well from the smallest sizes to the biggest sizes.