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Discussion on: Server Rendering in JavaScript: Why SSR?

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Ryan Carniato Author

I feel like we have a moving target so it shouldn't be unexpected that these things evolve. The problem is I think one side you have simple websites and the other side web applications trying to mimic native experience. The easiest solution would be to separate them and the projects on the website side can continue to use whatever they have been for a decade plus. And honestly, when the web application side was being developed that was the thinking.

But it's also equally strange for people why these are different things. You can embrace there is a divide, but there seems to be a growing desire to have a universal solution. That has us entering another phase of this thing. It isn't the first time we've tried isomorphic, but it's the first time we've attacked it from a client as the first-class citizen rather than the server. To me, that is a big distinction. If this doesn't pan out though then I guess what we were doing before is fine. But if it does...

This to me has all been about state management. It's that thing that brings complexity. Sure business logic can be complex and messy but you can abstract it as a series of controlled transactions. User/UI state just push around and no one really wanted to be holding the bag when the music stopped. Client Frameworks embraced it and took on being stateful so everything else could not be. In this world, unlike when we tried this in the mid 2000s, we understand how the rest of the pieces should work we just need to bridge the gap.

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hidden_dude • Edited

We've done client first, then server, then client again, then server again.. this is an on going zigzag.. not even unique to the web.

I think it's really about people vying to get control of developers and developers following the latest fads.

Web frameworks are like living in Groundhog Day.. we've seen this over and over again. And the new frameworks don't learn from the lessons of the old.