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Twitter API v2: Hide Replies with now supports Hide Replies. Set the environment variables as shown below. If you currently are not in possession of a account. Check out this list of apps curated by Twitter. You can use these applications to hide conversations.


~$ mkdir twitterStream && cd twitterStream
~$ pipenv install # or use pip3
~$ pipenv shell
(twitter-stream) ~$ export $API_KEY=API_KEY
(twitter-stream) ~$ export $API_KEY_SECRET=API_KEY_SECRET
(twitter-stream) ~$ export $ACCESS_TOKEN=ACCESS_TOKEN
(twitter-stream) ~$ touch
(twitter-stream) ~$ tree
├── Pipfile
└── Pipfile.lock
0 directories, 3 files

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Enter the URL of the reply to your tweet you want to hide. The authorized user should be making the API call.

from twitter_stream import hide_replies

response = hide_replies(
    tweet: str = '',
    hidden: dict = {"hidden": True} # or {"hidden": False} to unhide
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   "data": {
     "hidden": true 
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode also supports FilteredStream, SampledStream, RecentSearch, TweetLookUp, and UserLookUp. To get more insights into other API endpoints. Visit the examples folder and our documentations

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twitter: @twitivitydev
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