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Opinions on which to pick C++ or Java for GUI project?

Hey fellow Devs!

So here the thing I'm currently enrolled in ComputerScience degree in University.

Basically this semester I will have to make a project with this limitations :

  • Must have a GUI.
  • Implement at least one of the Search and Sort algorithms.
  • Must be written in one of the following : C#, C++ or Java.

after some search here and there I found this answer

First of all, if you want to lean to write platform independent GUI then C# is no go.

When you write GUI in C++ there is a question of toolkit, Qt and GTKmm provide you very solid cross platform toolkits. While Qt has more "native" look and feel on Windows…

this answer is quite old and the release of DotNet Core made possible to create cross-platform apps using C#, but I'm dropping C# because I feel like C++ is more powerful somehow and I have basic understanding of it(I rate myself as above beginner in C++) I feel a bit comfortable with it, also I'm considering Java even that I will have to learn it first, because most of the internet says it's the best choice for enterprise-level apps (I'm not sure what Enterprise-level means :D) but if I learned it will be more helpful in the future right?

One last thing, If I'm gonna use C++, I will learn and be using the Qt framework, I tried my luck with other ones but mostly fail not sure because that I run on windows or the lack of information on how to use 'em .

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Lucca Prado

Well,i think that if you do with java it would be easy.

Anyway, I would evade using default gui things and make an local server, to use browser to see, as it would require less work and would be platform independent even on design.

Suggested lib:

Good luck!!!

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Phil Ashby

I think your bio might be trying to slip in some advice :)

finally C++ Sucks just admit it.

Personally, I would look at the other parts of the project as well as the GUI aspect: what are you going to be searching / sorting? Are there performance measures involved (Big O stuff)? Is the assessor looking for other features of your work such as separation of concerns between algorithms and interfaces (that GUI)? Given all those extra questions, what language can you express yourself in that is readable / easily understood by your assessor?

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Oh ... no brainer... java, for sure.
C++ is arguably the most powerful option if your willing to dedicate the time and consider the complexity... but java abstracts 90 percent ICC the complexity.