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Product Hunt 2020 Analysis

Analysis of products launched on Product Hunt in 2020

Product Hunt provides an API to programmatically consume data from their website. If you are not familiar with Product Hunt, it is a website where people share their cool products. A lot of products get submitted to Product Hunt every day. Unfortunately, not all of them will be featured on the home page. It has become a goto place for indie developers to get traction for their product.

In this article, I will share a few of my findings about the product that was released in 2020. I have also made a basic single page website where you can browse these products.

Now let's get started with the analysis.

Featured Products - 9147

Per day average - 24.99 [9147/366 => 2020 was a leap year]

Total Categories - 239

Total Votes - 2730981

Average Votes per Product - 298.56

Most voted products

You can find the most voted products of 2020 by going to the website and sorting by votes or simply click this link. You can also view top products for each category by visiting the category page. The top 5 products were:

Easy Bloggers - 6252

Moonshotº - 5441

SLAZZER - 5356

HEY - 5309

Fluently Beta - 5017

Products by Category

Alt Text

The most popular category was Productivity (3316) followed by Tech (2833) and iPhone (1523).

Day of Week

Alt Text

Tuesday (1613) and Wednesday (1601) are the winners with Sunday (952)and Saturday (939)being the least popular day for product launch. In general, weekdays are more popular than weekends for launch.

Android vs IPhone

Alt Text

The number of products tagged iPhone were about double as compared to Android.

Mac vs Windows

Alt Text

282 products were tagged Mac while only 54 for Windows.

Browser Extensions - Chrome vs Firefox vs Safari

Alt Text

As expected, Chrome is dominating the browser extensions category. I couldn't find a separate category for other browsers like Opera.

Number of Maker(s)

Alt Text

Over half of the products featured in 2020 were made by 1 maker. Surprisingly I found 650 products with no makers. Also there were a few products with a huge number of makers like Pitch (52) and Framer for Web (41).

Hunters on Product Hunt

You can either hunt your own product or ask someone else to do this. In my analysis, I found 5638 hunters who hunted at least 1 product in 2020.

Alt Text

As expected, Chris Messina who is the #1 hunter on Product Hunt hunted the most products in 2020 with 465.

And Finally!

That's all for Product Hunt in 2020. If you have more ideas on how to explore the data, do let me know in the comments. And if you need the data, you can fetch it using Product Hunt's API.

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