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Please make an article about finite autometa which can be used to match and recognize string patterns it will surely help us.


Thanks sahaj, but I really know nothing about finite automata. If you try to explain me better I'm going to check and find out if I can help you. Have a nice day!


Sir I studied finite autometa in my computer science BE degree but it was always difficult to fully grasp them for more information you can refer TOC book by John c.martin it has very interesting concepts like DFA,NFA and Turing machines etc.

Finite autometa are nothing but state wise pictorial representation of regex which has starting state and final state which have intermediate states in between them. By giving some inputs to those intermediate states we can move from one state to another state and finally we will get through the final state. Which means the string patterns which we want to recognize is accepted.there are two types of finite autometa one is definite finite autometa and second one is non definite finite autometa

Thanks. As soon as possible I'm going to check! Bye!

Have a good day sir and sir can you suggest me a good JavaScript books and also for angular,Express and mongodb books.

You are looking for a lot of books! 😃
I can surely suggest a good Javascript intro book from SitePoint. It is called "Javascript: From Novice to Ninja". Pairing it with FreeCodeCamp curriculum will be a good shot to learn Javascript.
To learn Node, Express and MongoDB (even though I know just the basic of this last one) I used MDN Express Tutorial. You will learn it by building a library project. Good also for your portfolio.
For Angular I cannot help. Never tried. But surely someone here could help you. Bye!

This is good enough to start. After knowing the basics, it's easy to find resources by yourself.

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