How to make sure you learn something new every day

Sahil Dua on September 21, 2017

Let me start this post with a confession – There are a lot of things that I don’t know. Everyday while working with experienced developers, ... [Read Full]
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Hey Sahil,

Great read, thanks for this article. Reminds me to ask more questions, even though one might be a bit experienced. But I guess we are never experienced enough so that we know all the answers.

I loved how Scott Hanselman tweeted lately, that he asks what certain abbreviations mean in a meeting, because the junior developers are afraid to ask ( I also had to ask for the meaning of an abbreviation in a sprint meeting a few days ago and nobody got mad.

Still I want to emphasize your ideas regarding doing prior research and providing proper context. Lots of questions can be answered with the help of Google, Wikipedia and/or StackOverflow. But of course there are many particular company structures or unique code bases that just can't be clarified without another colleague.

Again, great article! :)

Take care,


A tip for doing this is going in places where actually can learn how to ask a question. I understand many times we don't know how we express our concerns. When someone asks me about this, I suggest starting a discussion and practice in sites like StackOverflow or Quora.

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