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I know you were thinking programming is as simple as what you see in series and movies.

Programming is nothing like what they show in Hollywood movies.

Movies usually show someone sitting in front of a laptop, typing like their fingers are on fire, and then everything magically works.

Hacker Playing around the computer like in movies

This is why so many people have imposter syndrome, they never feel they know how to code, even though they’ve been programming for a long time.

The way coding is portrayed in the media is why you always feel and think other people know more than you do and in the real sense you are a badass developer.

Programming is, actually, a lot of searching for solutions and asking questions.

Programming is also hard sometimes put that in mind.

A lot of programming is looking up stuff that works for others online, and then transmuting it and taking it and applying it to YOUR project. well done boss you tried well.

Most people, when they run into a problem, they just give up. I was this before, I don't like many challenges and dislike testing out so as not to disrupt what I have.

They'll either ask somebody for an answer, or give up, and then they'll go, "Okay, this project is too hard. I can't do it.

Nope. You need to Google the πŸ’© out of it.

I promise you the answer is somewhere lurking on GitHub, on Stack Overflow, on a blog far away on page 15 of your search, or in a YouTube tutorial.

You could watch the tutorial and see how they implemented this one feature in their own project. You could take it and then try to implement it into your own project.

It's an incredible ability to have, and the way you develop it is by persevering through a problem and sticking through all the way to the end. πŸ‘Š.

If you see me code a project, it's not going to be as exciting as you think it is.

I'm not just going to be sitting there and just coding it from scratch. 😴

I'll be looking up stuff, I'll be pulling pieces of code (pull stack developer😊), I'll be trying to think of things, I'll think of ideas... and then I'll keep moving on. πŸš€

Control C gif

Just so you know:

You are good at what you do and you can break the limits. Also, know that you could have imposter syndrome and still be incompetent....

That's how you code and overcome imposter syndrome πŸ’―

Have a nice time Adios

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Jamiu-O-Hashim • Edited

Always feel different whenever I come to this content, thanks to Yusuf