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Rewarding Github Action

My Workflow

There are many open source contributors who are not getting rewarded and working really hard
Creators of the project have to just include a step to there existing Github actions for rewarding their contributors. Whenever the creator includes this action, when there is a contributor making either a push to master or pull_request the actions detect the commits and rewards contributors based on their number of commits. The points scored by the contributors can be adjusted as a secret to the project by the owner. These are kept track on a server at here
Now anyone who wants to reward the contributors can see the contribution made by the user and reward them according to there points. This can also act as a metric to how much the user has contributed to open source. Hence this will really be helpful to the contributors.

Repo level rewarding is also added so that organizations conducting competitions can reward users based on commits to the repo. This can be found here

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Yaml File or Link to Code

GitHub logo saitejach127 / rewards

A Github Action to reward the contributors

Additional Resources / Info

The server used to keep track of points live

GitHub logo saitejach127 / ActionsHackathon

Code for Actions Hackathon


Code for Reward keeping points of Contributors

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vadorequest profile image

Interesting idea, but falls short with any real use case IMHO.

Basically, it's unreliable, as anyone could just create its own private project and boost its own score secretly. Also, it doesn't show any "quality", just number of commits, which means nothing really.

But the idea itself is good!
I'd rather see something that is repository-based though, with a slightly different goal:

As OSS maintainer, I would like to show (e.g: in the all contributors to the project automatically, with statistics (like, the number of contributions and how recent was the last one?).

This would allow to highlight contributors, as per the initial goal.

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Sai Teja

Yeah, I know the commit points I was actually planning to change it to the number of lines but that would also result in adding unnecessary lines and option left would be the owner himself allotting points to the contributor which would result in much more work. I am also working on repository level grading. I would surely change the readme and update it with relevant information. Thanks

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Number of lines isn't reliable either; some of the best improvements to code can result in a net loss of lines.

You may consider linking it to scores (managed with tags) on issues closed instead, using Gravity in Quantified Task Management for the actual scores. QTM was created for this exact purpose: to measure accomplishment.

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Sai Teja

Sure will check into it and make changes. Thank you for the Feedback