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25+ awesome-repo for Frontend Developers

Today I prepared the Ultimate list of awesome-repos for Web developers

What is an awesome repository in Github?

An awesome repository is a collection of tools, libraries, and other information about one tech subject.

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Every repository has tens and hundreds of links to tutorials and packages, libraries. So you can find everything there.
Also, every repo is separated into topics and sections for easy reading and navigation.

Check the most popular and helpful repositories below


awesome-javascript is a collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources, and shiny things.

awesome-nodejs - ⚡ Delightful Node.js packages and resources

awesome-standard - Documenting the explosion of packages in the JavaScript Standard Style ecosystem!

awesome-promises - list of useful resources for JavaScript Promises. There is a lot of information for beginners and advanced developers.

jstips - This is an awesome project about short and useful JavaScript tips that will allow you to improve your code writing.

es6-tools - An aggregation of tooling for using ES6 today. Irreplaceable repo who are learning JavaScript


awesome-react - A collection of awesome things regarding the React ecosystem.

awesome-react-components - the ultimate list of React Components & Libraries.

awesome-react-hooks - list of the most popular feature of React is Hooks. There are collections of ready to use hooks and a lot of tutorials

awesome-nextjs - A curated list of awesome resources: books, videos, articles about using Next.js (A minimalistic framework for universal server-rendered React applications)

awesome-react-native - Awesome React Native components, news, tools, and learning material!

awesome-redux - Awesome list of Redux examples and middleware

awesome-material-ui - Material-UI is a React components library for faster and easier web development. It follows Material Design from Google. So there is a list of Material-UI resources and related projects.

awesome-ant-design - resources of incredible Ant Design UI kit


awesome-angular - a huge list of Angular tutorials and resources

awesome-angular-components - Catalog of Angular 2+ Components & Libraries


awesome-vue - A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

awesome-nuxt - A curated list of awesome things related to Nuxt.js.
Nuxt.js is a framework for creating Universal Vue.js Applications.


awesome-css - This document is a curated list of frameworks, style guides, and cool nuggets of information for writing awesome CSS. It does not contain resources to learn CSS.

awesome-flexbox - A curated list of CSS Flexible Box Layout Module or only Flexbox.

BEM-resources - Everyone loves a bit of BEM in their development. Here are just the starts of hopefully a large list of resources.

awesome-postcss - An selected list of PostCSS resources and other things related.

awesome-sass - A list of awesome Sass and SCSS frameworks, libraries, style guides, articles, and resources.

awesome-tailwindcss - Awesome things related to incredible Tailwind CSS. This year that lib becomes very popular, so you should take note of it.


awesome-html5 - A curated list of awesome HTML5 resources

webcomponents-the-right-way - Web Components a suite of different technologies allowing you to create reusable custom elements — with their functionality encapsulated away from the rest of your code — and utilize them in your web apps.

awesome-webpack - Webpack takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules. There are you find everything you should know about that tool.

Final words

In summary inside the repos above, you can find a thousand links and tools that you will help in your frontend career. Keep it in the bookmarks for the future!

If you know another awesome repo, just send it to comments.

More knowledge and experience you will find there:

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