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I'm a front end developer from Finland, living/coding in Brussels.
I was a "Flash guy" in the 2000s, currently I'm interested in the visual and "creative" side of things: canvas, webgl, svg, css3 etc.

Here's the last "thing" I coded, a "cloudy 404 page" using Typescript and Canvas: (that's meant to be a joke)

I posted the 404 code on codepen and embedded the iframe in my 404.html page, who knows, maybe I'll get some hits ;)

Fun fact? Our pet Chihuahua has nearly 3000 instagram followers :D


thanks! Y2k testing and Cobol eh? One of my first paid jobs was just before y2k, making animated gif banners with a max filesize of 8kb. That was 5kb of static pixels and a whooping 3kb for "animation" :D Silly as it seems, it did leave me with a mindset for optimization and averseness to bloat :)

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