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Discussion on: The hidden cost of “don’t reinvent the wheel”

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I came to dev late, as a grizzly old lady, and the very idea of inserting unknown code into my own code was at odds with years of study and writing, where it's known as 'plagiarism' :D It still blows my mind so many of our favourite apps that dominate the world are built on a foundation of little homegrown random snippets of functionality cooked up by random people in from skyscrapers to classrooms and basements.

I began to appreciate the obvious ones - Formik for clean, readable, easily manageable form validation is a time-saver, for example, and means a team all use the same methods, or date.fns or moment for consistent handling of time. However, relying on them for every little thing still feels lazy. I encountered one in a prior project that worked well enough until we needed to expand its usage, and then it refused to be restyled or reformed, and our attempts to do so were hampered by so many layers and wrappers. Once we wanted to reform it, it would have been faster to write our own. This can be a learning experience for those of us yet to experience the pain of building our own date picker.

Don't reinvent the wheel, but sometimes, the wheel is the wrong shape or it's made of cheese, or even better, it's invisible and you can't see what it's made of at all. Sometimes we need to make nice new wheels that fit!