re: Why (I think) "Cost of Living" pay for remote workers is BS. VIEW POST

re: "Just move to X place" glosses over so many hurdles, many of them legal, some of them insurmountable. More than half the people working for my emp...

I tend to think, that when you want it, you can do it. Work even localy for an employer that would accept internal move later. Or go to a country that want lot of people, get the nationality then move again. Lot of things are possible.

I agree with all of this, but my OP is about what a good company should do, not what we should legally force all companies to do. (Although I maintain that a clever civil rights attorney could make a solid argument for it, so HR beware...)

If you force your employees to make these kinds of hard choices, but then parade yourself under this banner of "We're a super fair company that cares about how we treat our employees" I can and will call B.S.

You're doing it to save money, so just be honest about it.

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