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Thanks! :) I'm happy you found the article useful.

Out of interest, why didn't you try/use Buefy? On their website they have examples of non-natice check boxes that I mentioned in the article so you might want to check it out.

I'll take a look at Vuetify, thanks.


I thought Buefy was nice, but it felt like too thin a veneer over some divs and classes I could easily create myself... and I needed to learn Bulma anyway since Buetify doesn’t cover the entire footprint of Bulma. Vuetify is a very solid toolkit, I’m using it for a personal project where I need something more complete for a mobile-first site.

Thanks, I'll take a look at Vuetify; at first glance it looks interesting. I think the bold material design works very well on Android, but on a desktop site I'm yet to be convinced. I'm aware it's not all bold colours and boxes though. Thanks for the recommendation!

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