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Discussion on: I Read 21 Articles About How to Become a Senior Developer So You Don't Have To

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Sam Borick Author

I'm going to spend my extra time saying hi to my neighbor's cats, although according to xkcd it will take me 2 months to get my time back.

I really struggle with finding mentorship. I'm a freelancer so I spend a lot of time working by myself, and in the midwest, there's no obvious place for me to go and find mentorship.

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Kamran Ayub

Meetups perhaps, meet other tech folks and build relationships. If there isn't one around you, host it. One piece of advice I read recently, "If you want to network with people, be the one who hosts the meeting."

I'm not sure if co-working spaces facilitate discussions but there's that too.

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Hassan Schroeder

Look for local volunteer non-profit/civic tech groups like @codeforamerica brigades.