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Discussion on: Git blame should be called git credit

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Samuel FAURE

I dislike the tendency to twist everything positively, therefore I'm not in favor of "git credit". I went with a neutral term instead : "git curious", because I'm just curious about what went there, I don't want to blame anyone for it.

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Damien Cosset Author

Git curious is quite nice also 👍

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It's hard to type. Git curois, git curouius, git curous :)

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Wayne Werner

I feel similar. Though, I guess it also depends on my mood. Usually my mood is git butwhy. Sometimes it's git wtf. I think a few times it's been git ohcmon or git forcryingoutloud.

And sometimes it's just git whodunnit because this code is a mystery!

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git config --global alias.whodunnit "blame"
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