Discussion on: How do you rate my website?

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Samuel FAURE

On the scale of personal projects I give it 3/10.

This doesnt mean you failed and doesnt evaluate your talent as a webdev, I am just rating the website where 0 is "ugly piece of junk" and 10 is "incredibly amazing"

I love to see a work of passion and some things on it are great. The little bubbles are very nice. I love the feel of storytelling.

The main problem is the visual design.

  • The color palette is a bit bland
  • The boxes dont yet manage to give a good material design feeling (if you were going for this).
  • The title font for social media is not great at all

I must confess I am very impressed and somewhat jealous that you managed to do such a nice website at 19. My first website was at 28 and worth 1/10. After 5 years of web dev Im still bad enough in design that I could get a 7 or 8/10 today at BEST.

Keep up the great work !

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Thank you so much for your words sir. I hope someday when I will again ask for review of my website on dev.to , you will rate it 10. :)