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Samuel FAURE • Edited on

I happen to have an engineering degree in chemistry and microbiology and worked as an actual research engineer, and your approach to the scientific method is completely wrong.

When there are multiple factors as causes for a given consequence, the lack of a direct linear correlation for one of the factors on some data points doesnt invalidate the correlation. That's statistics 101. Frankly I'm shocked that a developer could do such a basic logic mistake.

You need to learn a bit more about psychology, sociology and apparently mathematics.

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Nice response. I think he knows he's wrong, don't feed the troll 😉

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I assumed you had enough scientific education to know that when you form an hypothesis, and there are counter-examples, then the hypothesis doesn't hold anymore.

Yep. Some people say that smoking causes cancer, but there are counterexamples where people who smoke do not get cancer, therefore smoking does not cause cancer. This is science.