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re: Necromancy post: because alcohol is a timeless problem. I have 1 or 2 beers a night but I struggle to go without it. I just had a a baby and there...

Only you and your doctor can truly decide things like that.

That said, it really truly is up to you.

Is the one or two a day truly only one or two a day? Never more? Do you ever binge? Hide it? Feel ashamed? Is it always alone? Is this a recent thing? A continuation? Do you act mean if you go without it or have other withdrawal, even if its minor like a caffeine withdrawal? Have you tried going without for a week or is going without for more than a day or two too hard?

These are all some of the classic signs. Though that said, I think really the most important bit is whether or not you ever obsess of it. When you go without are you ALWAYS thinking about it? Are you thinking about getting done with your day so you can get to those two beers and go to bed? Those would be the more concerning signs I think, the rest would stem from it.

I would check out it helped me tremensly. Also it may sounds weird but the scenes from The West Wing with Leo McGarry talking about his alcoholism helped me realize I had a problem. So maybe watch those scenes on youtube as well?

I hope that helps and if you have more questions feel free to ask or message me!

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