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I mostly have a linux desktop at home for dev work, and at my job I have a macbook, but on the go, I use a chromebook with crostini(HP Chromebook 14 x360) and I really enjoy it. I have PhpStorm and IntelliJ running on it with no real problems. The only issue at all which may be fixed(haven't looked in months)is the lack of being able to map domains for web dev using apache. You can do it if you run a browser in crostini to access it but not if you try to access using ChromeOs' browser. There's a work around that I found a while back that is way too much work so I'd rather not do it.

Overall crostini is a great dev experience especially soon once hardware acceleration and virtual desktops hit the stable channel.

The default distro for crostini is debian, but you can install whatever one you want if you're into that stuff.

Let me know if you have questions and I can try and help. I'm a big fan of chrome os and evangelizing it! :D You said you're disappointed that you can run much else besides your code editor, what are you looking to run?


Yes! Me, too! Love the Chrome OS. I guess I am a little concerned I might not be able to do some stuff I need to later on, just because of the arm64 issue. Right now, it’s great for what I’m doing., I’m a webdev student. I’m on gitHub and my editor as well as YouTube but those aren’t a problem, but I haven’t tried to use Docker yet?


Docker works for sure.

It takes some effort but you can also get snaps and flatpaks working for installing things besides the normal apt-get flow.

The arm thing I'm honestly not super knowledgable about but I think that's a result of the actual chromebook you have, if you got a different intel based one then I think you wouldn't even have to worry about that. That's less of a chromebook/chromeos/crostini thing and more of a hardware issue.

Also if you haven't explored into it yet, don't forget you also have almost the entire google play store's app's that you can install and use on the chromebook! :D

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