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Sandeep Aswathnarayana

Hello! I am Sandeep. I am originally from a small town, Kolar Gold Fields, India. I have been balancing work and study pursuing a full-time Master's in MIS at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. I recently completed my Graduate Research Thesis working towards alleviating the crime rate in Dallas/Fort Worth Area using Data Science, Statistical Analysis & Big Data Analytics.

I am an aspiring Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineer. I have been working towards applying my R&D specialty in areas including, but not limited to, Healthcare and Renewable Energy.

Current/Prospective Future Project(s):
I am highly passionate about making Malaria Diagnosis more efficient by reducing the burden for microscopists in resource-constrained regions and improve diagnostic accuracy. I have narrowed down my research on using the 'National Library of Medicine' (NLM) which hosts a repository of segmented cells from the thin blood smear slide images from the Malaria Screener research activity.

I was inspired to initiate this prospective research by closely following the works of my 'heroes' (Professors, Ph.D. Students, Scientists) in Deep Learning, Machine Learning community and a couple of teams based in Taiwan, Washington D.C., Africa.

Other Grand Engineering Challenges That Interest Me:

  • Provide energy from fusion
  • Manage the nitrogen cycle
  • Provide access to clean water
  • Carbon sequestration methods
  • Engineer better medicines
  • Make solar energy more efficient and affordable.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to learning, discussing, and bookmarking valuable blog posts from the community!

Sandeep Aswathnarayana