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First, congratulations for your efforts.

Regarding devs drinking habits... I don't think that drinking in "dev culture" is that much different from drinking among ... I dunno construction workers? I don't want to pick any group.

Some people drink, some drink too much, and some don't. If people are promoted because they don't drink, that sounds bad.

But you can interpret it in different ways. If someone doesn't drink, because he cannot stop and instead of learning to drink just one or two drinks (or whatever), he goes to the other extreme, what does it show?

As I said, you can interpret it in many different ways. Here are two:

  • This guy is cool, he knows that he cannot stop before hitting his limits, so doesn't drink at all. Very good, what a smart guy!
  • We cannot even have a beer, because he cannot stop. This grown-up cannot find the golden mean. Either he is drunk or doesn't drink anything. Only black-n-white, just the extremes! Do I want that approach in other circumstances?

It's hard to argue that not drinking at all is better than getting drunk all the time, but the second interpretation is not so flattering. I don't even say that I agree with one or another, don't get me wrong, I just see different ways of interpretation.

What I've seen so far - not in development though - that the person who didn't drink at all had harder times to get socially accepted than the rest who went out drinking. But is that strange? If you want to get accepted by a group of people who plays football, while you play basketball, you'll have harder times...

I read an interesting article on how drinking contributed to humanity's history.

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