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Discussion on: Why video tutorials should NOT replace reading documentation

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I just can't do video tutorials for most things, in my former career in IT, to knitting, to what I do know, welding and machining. I prefer having my books with me. I cannot stand videos for coding at all, it just throws me off, unless its done very well. I don't learn well by video, but seeing someone typing code onto their monitor on a low res youtube video is just frustrating.

Give me the documentation any day. I also say this as someone who can't sit and watch a movie or TV show without doing something else with my hands. I knit or draw or something. When I was in college, we weren't taught by video. And my welding instructor is colour blind, he learned more by sound, which employers get a kick out of, too. I can hear your bad welding a mile away!

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Carl Wills Author

Yes, totally agree. It takes someone with really good communication skills to keep me engaged and "entertained" enough to stick with it!