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Thanks for a great reset! Really liked the smart list styling.

But can't agree with the prefers reduced motion part. This option is for people who wants reduced motion. Not no motion at all. A lot of small animation can be critical to understanding the flow or function, without triggering motion sickness or nausea.

Also opacity and color changes usually works just fine to.

Well I could rant over this for hours, but I guess you get my point 😄. Devs always need to add this media query on problematic animations (also in JS code), but that must be up to the author of the code to decide.


I disagree. The great thing about it being OS is that you can fork it and remove the bits you don't like 🎉


Absolutely. Just know how copy paste friendly this community is, many developers will just take it and don't think what it does. Just wanted to make sure people know what it does.

But will definitely try this on my next project. Thanks!

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