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What Is An Arduino UNO? – Beginner’s Guide

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What Is An Arduino UNO? – Beginner’s Guide

If you want to play with different electronic components but you don’t have enough knowledge of how to work with them, then Arduino is what you need to get started … So what’s an Arduino UNO?
Hello everyone, Welcome to my new Embedded System and Robotics blog. Whenever you think of the word Robotics, one thing that would also strike your mind is how the robotics work? How is the Robotics operated?

Arduino is essentially an open-source stage used for the construction of hardware ventures. Arduino consists of both a physically programmable circuit board (regularly referred to as a microcontroller) and a bit of programming, or IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) which suddenly spikes in demand for your PC, used to compose and transfer PC code to the Arduino UNO physical board. for info click here (https://hackthedeveloper.com/what-is-an-arduino-uno/)


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