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Career Shift, Maybe?!

saraahmed626 profile image Sara °°° ・2 min read

As i have been looking for a way to keep track and measure the progress of my Journey and then share it, I've found blogging is the best way, And what is better than sharing it in my favorite Tech Blogging platform!

Here is my story…

I am Sara, A passionate technologist.
I was working as technical support Engineer for the past couple of years, in an e-payment solutions company, But i quit it last November.
While working in that position and as the time passed, i felt the urge to find more interesting and challenging environment,and eventually found my self so attracted to programming and development world.
As i have been in the field for a while but not as a programmer, can i consider it a career shift? you find the answer.

So at that time i started taking online programming courses, reading articles about programming, books, following tutorials, started 100 days of code challenge 2 times and failed to complete it at both times. I have always been stuck in the point where i will be asking my self: OK, i have covered all the basics, what to do next! and that where i start all over. AGAIN!

My plan originally was not to spend more than 2 years at one place, and when the time comes, i knew that i want to do programming, the question was, in any form?
I didn't feel like applying for another fixed time job at that time, however i wanted to practice programming professionally and keep in mind that i have no prior programming experience!
Lucky me; i have a friend who have a small team of software developers doing freelance, so i figured why not to join them, he is a software developer, and i strongly believe in his skills as a developer, also lucky me, i was welcomed to join the team.

Situation was weird because i had to grasp all languages and tools they are using as soon as possible: .Net,C#, MVC, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git.

It’s been 5 months since i started working with the team as a software developer, and at this point am happy to tell you that i managed to blend in successfully :) doing very well in the tasks i have received so far.

Wanna know the details of that 5 months, resources, tips, and more! and how i tackled that in a 2 - 3 months long!
Stay tuned, another blog posts are coming.


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Helen Anderson

Congratulations on making the move and loving it. Looking forward to your posts :)

saraahmed626 profile image
Sara °°° Author

Thank you Helen :)

vladimir_dev profile image

Congrats and good luck!

saraahmed626 profile image
mariamodan profile image

Excited to hear about the resources that helped you on your journey!

saraahmed626 profile image
Sara °°° Author

It will be up soon :)