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Let's Talk: Current Challenges of Networking

Current Challenges of Networking

As the world is transitioning to a digital forefront, networking events must become more and more creative. As a rising senior in college, networking is essential in landing your next job. Applying with an outstanding resume and cover letter is just a start, but the people you know will get you much farther.

How are people meeting new people when it’s recommended to not to leave your house?

One platform I have utilized is Slack. I have used slack primarily for work purposes but found there are so many other ways to use Slack. I Googled a couple of slack channels related to my interests like user experience, product management, consulting, and front-end web development and joined them. I haven’t made any personal connections yet, but they have provided useful resources and insight on what those jobs entail.

Another popular trend is online webinars or even networking events. I have attended some free online webinars and have found them informative. There are many talks, webinars, and workshops on websites like Eventbrite, MeetUp, and Linkedin.

Let’s Talk

  • What slack channels are you apart of?
  • Are you in a position where you are looking for a job? If so, what have you done to stand out?
  • Do you attend webinars? Which ones, and are they useful?

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