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Hi Henry! I also finished my first year as Computer Science student. What languages did you learn (if any) in first year? For me, I was exposed to Java, Python, C# before I joined University however, I learned a lot more about Generics, Command Line Arguments, Inner Classes and Anonymous Classes (a lot of Java)


Hi Sarad! I learnt Python and Java this year as part of the course, going into university I had done (in college/high-school) and a bit of Python years earlier (in secondary school). The module was an introductory programming module, and expected to teach people who hadn't necessarily programmed before so wasn't really a challenge for me given my prior experience. We didn't do anything on generics or command line arguments, any CLI stuff I know has been self taught, sounds interesting though 😁.


Henry remember this.

Dim output As String
    'Old Delete Block
    If File.Exists(fileName) = True Then
        Debug.WriteLine("file deleted ")
    End If
    'Using fs As FileStream = File.Create(fileName)
    '    For Each t In coastalTowns
    '        output = New UTF8Encoding(True).GetBytes(String.Format(myFormat,, t.county, t.population, t.area))
    '        fs.Write(output, 0, output.Length)
    '    Next
    'End Using
    FileOpen(2, fileName, OpenMode.Random, , , 43)
    While EOF(2)
        For Each T In coastalTowns
            If Not = "" Then
                output = (String.Format(myFormat,, T.county, T.population, T.area))
                FilePut(2, output)
            End If


    End While

The obsolete code we had to use. haha

My god, yes I do. FilePut(), FileOpen() and FileClose() are bring back horrid memories from my A Level coursework hahahaha. One of the reasons I'm very glad my VB days are behind me.

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