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re: I'm fairly certain that CSS content and by extension attr() is not read by most screen readers + browser combination, being part of presentation ra...

If what you're doing is purely decorative or there is accompanying text, etc., then no, it's not a, "You can't use it because it's inaccessible." There's certainly use cases for CSS content, for example, that are perfectly fine. It just depends on their use.


Not what I'm saying. And I quote "This method could be really helpful with accessibility purposes." This is not true.

In the codepen example the tooltip will never be explained to blind users, so in affect, sighted users will get the context but not the blind user. So I stand by what I said. CSS content should be used with care.

Also this is not an I'm right your wrong, I'd love to be wrong because I'd use content more and JavaScript solutions less. Instead this is an ask to remove the quoted text because there is a lot of confusion on how to do accessibility.

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