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Discussion on: npkill - The solution to deleting node_modules easily, with style

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Taskhyn Maksim

started by invoking command and then according to instruction pressed delete button or is it different key on mac?

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Hi @sarbazx ! I am having trouble with the same. Did you managed to figure it out?

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Taskhyn Maksim

Hi, no i was just testing it.

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Hey guys!

Just figured out I made a stupid mistake. Apparently the del keycode is different in mac, which is why it doesn't work (key is undefined). Will fix it right now!! So sorry!!

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Carlos Caballero Author

Hey @Nya!

Quiet and sure the patch is on its way :-).

Thank you very much for your app.

My MacBook wants to reduce the weight of the node_modules.

Cheer up!