re: If You Don't Know, Now You Know - GitHub Is Restricting Access For Users From Iran And A Few Other Embargoed Countries VIEW POST

re: Lol, what?) I am not sure about their existing if they continued to provide their service to terrorist countries

1 Because CNN declares somebody terrorist for political reasons doesn't mean one is actually terrorist

2 These people were using GitHub for ages,how many people they killed via code that you can go and check how that code fires bullets

3 One should be rationale not like going with wind flow,media and politics should not be mixed with all things

4 Imagine you are somebody who makes living by writing code and not actually a terrorist,how would you feel? You of course cannot feel the pain otherwise you would not have put up such stupid comment

5 People like you are in face real terrorists who have no sane minds, somebody like you was there in GitHub management who took this decision

6 It still makes sense to follow county rules which GitHub did but calling those who make living by writing code and growing their children and families is absolutely unethical and insane.

7 Your comment showed your thinking level and personality so I wouldn't expect sane or good comments developing in that mind and coming out from that mouth.

was there in GitHub management who took this decision

I doubt that. It's not Github who said "eh just block Iran lulw". I'm sure they didn't want to do that at all, but if you're going to ignore the laws of the country in which you're doing the business, it will fall down very quickly. And since Github is not a non-profit organization, I guess it would cost them less to block Iran rather than get kicked off of U.S. That sounds horrible, but that's how it works.

Well, I don't watch CNN, so you are wrong from beginning. If they develop calmly in their country with terrorist government, it means, that they support it(developing nuclear weapon etc)So, why do they use enemy's service? I'd like companies be even more tough on things like this.

Remarks. By support I mean no physicals, I mean mental support of ideology and doings. And I think it is wrong and stupid ban people from Iran, who live and commit from other countries for many ages

If it's a criteria US develops nuclear weapons as well. It's always easier to stick labels than work on the problems themselves.

So your trust to Iran government is the same with USA?)

Sorry, developing nuclear weapons is the criteria you provided for being a terrorist state, not my idea.

Terrorist government developing nuclear is the criteria, don't manipulate

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