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Discussion on: How do you keep up With fellow developers who are always bragging about themselves ?

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Spyros Argalias

Hmm... Interesting question.

I've only dealt minorly with people like that. What I tend to do is:

  • Be polite.
  • Show the same amount of interest as I would to any other human being.

So if they say something like "I know React inside out", I would give them the benefit of the doubt and say something like "cool, you must have quite a bit of experience with it". Or if you really don't want to start a potentially long conversation, just say "that's cool" with a smile and get back to work.

Unfortunately there are suspicions for people who openly brag. If you're a good developer why do you need to brag about it? People would have noticed without you bragging. It is equally likely that you're not a good developer and just want to appear that way.

I would suggest that a more subtle solution is better. They can be helpful, which shows expertise, and they can notify people about their achievements in an update kind of way. Something like:

  • Hey team, just to update everyone I fixed that bug that was causing problem X. The reason was Y and the solution was Z.
  • To product managers: Hey Alice, I implemented that feature you wanted.
  • In a code review: Hey Bob, this module is quite large and has multiple concerns. I think we could refactor concern X and Y into separate modules to better abide by the single responsibility principle. Please come see me if you have any questions.
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Nahid Hasan Author

The people i have faced want to brag in front HR/ Admin to show that they are better developer and deserve better salary than others.

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Nahid Hasan Author

I liked your idea very much .