Discussion on: Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Tell us about the women who have inspired your coding journey ❤️

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When I think of women who inspired me in my journey as a coder two faces come in mind. The first one is of my first ever programming teacher ! I remember lacking confidence and being scared in my code because I thought I didn’t know as much as the other students did. There was this one guy in my class who had been coding all summer long so whenever the teacher gave a simple task (triangle of *) he would come up with a super hard way to do it and encourage the teacher to use it as well. some of us felt lost whenever he spoke but that teacher knew how to reassure us and build our confidence into coding one line at a time.
The second one is Pauline Narvas an English instagrammer/blogger/YouTuber/Podcaster/ that happened to be a coder (full time job) although she had a biology degree ! This woman really showed me that to become a coder all you need is to love coding that’s it ! No other prerequisite! She inspired me to throw myself into it and enjoy the journey