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re: Came here to say this. Keeping this name may have some implications.

There is already a drag and drop tool by the same name that is well known by the community.. You don't think that might give people a negative outlook on your project?

It's still a neat product, and I mean no offense! Just an opinion from someone who doesn't really mean much.

I understand your concern, Ronnie. Thanks for pointing out. This tool is more for Designers and Bloggers. It does have a few use cases that can be used for Developers But it's a completely different product than Dragula the library.

At first it will be very hard for you to be found on Google as anyone who will search for "dragula" will be presented the library, not your tool.

On the long run, when you'll hopefully gain some traction, it will just confuse and it'll people that will end up in the wrong place.

Please consider renaming your tool.

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