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Discussion on: I have been a professional developer for 31 years and I'm 53 now, Ask Me Anything!

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Omar Hussain

I can relate to this so much "I would not enjoy being in management, I just wouldn't.". I am just worried that, with time the number of opportunities get limited as you get more experienced, if the local industry does not have large scale projects. Large enough to require a dedicated solution architect or a very experienced professional.

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John Munsch Ask Me Anything

You're right. You could find yourself capped in salary/advancement (though that could also happen in management as well). In a case like that you might find that you have to become an entrepreneur and do your own thing, move to another market, or try to find remote work.

Remote work used to be the exception though it seems like more and more places are doing it at least part of the time now and some notable companies are entirely distributed.