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Discussion on: Startups and freelancing

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Omar Hussain Author

Agree with you on the level of commitment required on startups but those kind of hours mostly involve the co-founders. An employee however has different stakes in it, and should have a sane working routine. Also agree on 9-5 routine in established companies, they struggle to keep you busy even in normal work hours :D

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Agreed on the should but in my experience is not always like that, unless you join a startup later in the game. Well, I might have just been unlucky 🤣

Regarding corporate jobs and busyness, yeah, it definitely happens to have nothing to do or down moments. After all the 8 hours work day repeated five times a week is a fictional concept we all agree upon and also quite recent in the history of mankind. It can't be the right formula for every company and every employee. Fortunately one can have side hustles now 😛