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Working with ng-content on Storybook

Very often when creating a new story for an Angular component on Storybook you might need to insert content into components which have an ng-content area inside them.

To do that you need to create a template for your story.

Here is a simple component, which has a div with and an ng-content area inside it. The component has two inputs, width and height.

// paper.component.ts
import { Component, Input } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'cx-paper',
  template: `
    <div class="paper" [ngStyle]="{ width: width, height: height }">
  styles: [
      .paper {
        border: navy solid 2px;
        padding: 10px;
export class PaperComponent {
  width: string;

  height: string;
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The story for this component

// paper.stories.ts
import { Story, Meta } from '@storybook/angular';
import { PaperComponent } from './paper.component';

export default {
  title: 'Example/Paper',
  component: PaperComponent,
} as Meta;

const Template: Story<PaperComponent> = (args: PaperComponent) => ({
  props: args,
  template: `
  <cx-paper [height]="height" [width]="width">
  This is a template test.

export const SimpleExample = Template.bind({});

SimpleExample.args = {
  height: '50px',
  width: '300px',
} as Partial<PaperComponent>;
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Which should render like this:

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caraie profile image
Carlos Aiello • Edited

Why the show code part is not showing the content?
This text is missing in the code: "This is a template test."

sarcevicantonio profile image
Antonio Sarcevic

Now this works for writing stories but it doesn't work right with the ArgsTable and doesn't show any output actions for me at least :z

saulodias profile image
Saulo Dias • Edited

If by ArgsTable you mean the component inputs, it's working fine for me. I change the inputs and can see the component respond to those changes. I haven't been able to figure out how to make Actions work with a template like that yet.

sarcevicantonio profile image
Antonio Sarcevic

ArgTable works in the story view but doesn’t in the docs view / docs page.
If this actually works someday that would be very nice but right now storybook for angular is such a pain :z