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Saurabh Daware 🌻
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Turn existing website to PWA in 1 minute using PWAinit

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So what is PWAinit?

PWAinit is a command line tool that can be installed using npm install -g pwainit. PWAinit lets you initiate a new Progressive Web App or you can even add PWA features like Service Worker, Web App Manifest, PushAPI into your existing website to turn it into a complete progressive web app.

Installation & Usage

Download NodeJS if you haven't already have it in your machine

# Check if npm is installed using `npm -v` then..
npm install -g pwainit

Now cd to your existing website and run command pwainit add

cd existingWebsite
pwainit add

Just answer the questions and thats it!🎉
If you choose to add push api backend you would have to do absolutely zero configurations!!

Demo :

Alt Text

Run PushAPI backend

cd pushapi-backend/
node index.js

PWAinit Docs:
Youtube Demo:

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nomangul profile image
Noman Gul

Cool one 😍

saurabhdaware profile image
Saurabh Daware 🌻

Thank you so much :)

makeavoy2 profile image
Snicholas SnackAvoy

Ooooh great idea!! I was thinking of doing something similar because configuring PWAs seems like a hassle but pretty cut and paste for the most part. If this implemented icon generation for all the platforms too it could be a one stop shop!

saurabhdaware profile image
Saurabh Daware 🌻

Yeah exactly even i felt like Service workers have this basic code which hardly changes. It is on my github by the way so you can check out the source code and yes it creates basic place holder icon when you 'pwainit create projectname'.
But yes maybe i can take their projectname and generate a simple icon with that text in it. It would be super cool to implement