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Discussion on: How to create Objects and write it's Garbage Collector in C

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Sourabh Choure Author

First of all, I would like to express my immense gratitude and thanks as much as the size_t data type can hold for reading my first ever article, (which I posted publicly). It means a lot to me that someone took their precious time out to read my article which we might say is of no use.
As by reading only you might have deduced, I am still a beginner in the field of programming and have to learn a lot many things (that too correctly/unlearn bad practices in programming). The only excuse which I can give is, I never tried my level best and blamed my Non-CS background (Electronics Engineering) for it, the whole time (which of course is absolutely wrong, I realized this a few months ago when I started to write this article).
The points which you have given are like stepping stones for me and I will inspect each and every issue meticulously and do in-depth research. I won't let your time spent in finding bugs in this article go in vain, I will update this article with the right information as soon as I get them all resolved.
Again, thanks a lot for spending your time, I hope to see more such valuable conversations in future as well.

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You are welcome. :)