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One of the fascinating jobs of 21st Century is web development, many of us have seen an amazing, rich in visualization websites which hangs us in the thought of HOW ???? Don't You ??

Then most of us start searching how all this is done...the ANSWER is WEB DEVELOPMENT.

WEB DEVELOPMENT is the field in which your build websites, the interactive web apps which you see and get fascinated, through which we can build our own website and can have a boosting career ahead.


I was also in the same phase when my friend showed me website named as Bruno Simon , as I saw this I was also in the same phase HOW ??. Then a month ago I started with this web development and it's so much fun. I will explain you in short what all things you require to get into such mind blowing career.

First of all we should know what all things, skills we require to build any web app or normal website.

Skills which require are listed below :

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Web Hosting


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. While building any website this the first building block of it. HTML holds the basic text structure which is going to be displayed on our website.

CSS :-

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet ..It is the second block require on top of HTML structure. Didn't understood ??..don't worry..
In easy language it is the effects which we use in our website, the things which you see in any of the website like floating of button, shadow effect, colors used in website is all contribution of css to website.

JavaScript :-

As the above two blocks are important for showing the interactive and interesting visuals on your monitor. Similarly, It is also important to have a JavaScript in your website. In this we will actually learn the coding part.

Most of you might be thinking why do we require this JavaScript ???.. as our work is getting done by learning the above two skills, then why do we require it ??

Let me explain you in a very laymen terms, in very easiest language..

When your house is renovating you have seen each and every thing looks like a shiny surface , nice colorful walls sliding windows new switch boards, most of us many times go and play with the switches, don't worry I also do it..

But have you ever notice as you click the button the respective electronic thing gets on, HOW THIS HAPPENS ??.....

You have seen their is a electrician who wires the button from back side and puts a good looking frame on top of it so that we can just see the buttons not the wires.

What my point is similar to that switchboard. Our Website is a like a SwitchBoard in which the buttons with beautiful frame is the front side and in backside for the purpose of wiring that buttons we use JavaScript in website. I Hope you got my point.. JavaScript is used for wiring the buttons which we show on our website.

Web Hosting :-

Now, after building up the front beautiful interactive and good looking frame with HTML CSS and backend with JavaScript, WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP ????

Obviously after making such beautiful website you will showcase it, but for showcasing it you have to host it. NOW YOU WILL THINK WHAT EXACTLY WE HAVE TO DO ??

I will explain it with a another good example again, most of you loves to write , might be you are not a writer ,but then too just imagine. When you write any book or any poetry what you will do ?? .... You will first write it in your book which no one see. Then after getting completed with it, you would like to share it with friends, How will will you share it ?? Might be you will post it on any of your social media accounts or else if it's a book you will publish it so that everyone can see it.

Similarly we have to do it with our website till we don't host it , it will not be able to seen by everyone. So to publish it or share it we need to HOST IT...

Now you will be thinking how to host it ?? Their are many free hosting websites which are secure and will provide us domain for hosting it. On this I will further explain it in detail in my another Blogs.

Till then take Care, I will be posting further another blogs ,sharing my experience and the way to start with your web development career. If you Like it , start following it, and start exploring it, In the WORLD of IT the more you will start exploring the more you will learn.

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