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Discussion on: Using i18Next with Svelte

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Sébastien Belzile Author

(1) Where should getContext be defined?

getContext is provided by Svelte.
Link to documentation:
So, import { getContext } from 'svelte';

(2) Does it fit?

index.svelte is fine, though I don't think it should go inside a <svelte:head> tag.

I would place that in the Svelte script section of your file, not in the markup. (add the script tag directly to the root)

    import { initLocalizationContext } from "../i18n/index.ts";

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(3) Is the complete program as described in the post available somewhere to try?

Unfortunately it is not, all the snippets are adapted copies of a non-public codebase I worked on.

I encourage you to go through the tutorial on the Svelte site: . It does not take long to complete and shows very well most of Svelte features. I feel like this page and this page could have provided answers your questions.