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I am strongly against it. I don't know to much about privacy laws and that kind of stuff but in the case that TikTok gets sold to Microsoft or whatever who's to say those companies won't abuse the app and use it to spy.

I just don't like the idea of the US playing Hero and making Chinese companies look the villain.


Your last point is truly fascinating. At that point, it would be the West vs the East. The USA has an overly inflated ego, since history and the funniest thing is their subjective use of the word, 'World.'
We are the best in the world at (________). Even if that something is only done in the USA. Major League Baseball is only played by US sports teams and the finals is called the World Championship (how ironic). Back to your point, the USA is certainly best in the World at spying and who knows what Microsoft or some other US based company does after buying Tik Tok. Microsoft could certainly use it to its advantage to compete against YouTube, but who knows.

Lastly, I recommend you check out this website to learn more about privacy privacytools.io

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