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Installing WordPress 5 on ZEIT Now with MySQL Hosting

ScaleGrid on February 11, 2019

The ZEIT Now WordPress builder has been officially deprecated, and ZEIT cannot guarantee the performance/reliability of the Now PHP community bui... [Read Full]
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Tried to use it using Zeit now free tier but still facing this error :

502: An error occurred with your deployment

There is what happens in now logs : Task timed out after 10.01 seconds
Do I need to upgrade my now account to use @now/wordpress ?

Thank you.


Found issue, was due to MySQL whitelisted IPs not allowing lambda's IP.


GOD Thank you. Ill try this tonight, was having the same issue and could not find the fix anywhere.


Hi guys. Thanks for the blogpost. I would like to pin here semi-official PHP builder for ZEIT Now.


Community builders:

Feel free to contact me with any question about PHP on ZEIT Now.


Thanks for the explanation, it was quite interesting!

But after completing this tutorial, if bumped into the problem of the uploads.
How do I make de wp-content folder writable ?


Hi Michael, I shared your comment with our dev team and this appears to be a ZEIT WordPress configuration related question. We weren't able to find much through Google, but I did find a link to this WP Offload Media plugin where someone asked a similar question on the original Twitter announcement from ZEIT. Hope this helps!


Great, thank you!

I will investigate and leave a comment when I find the solution.

Have a great day Scalegrid team!

Hi Michael,

Did you find anything related to Now Wordpress uploads ?

Thank you.

No, I haven't. DId you in the meantime ?

Sorry for the late answer.

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