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Discussion on: Prevent Object Retrieval TypeError with &&

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Albrecht Scheidig • Edited

The Elvis operator ?: returns left-hand side if it is trueish, right-hand side otherwise, thus comparable to object || default.
It is called Elvis because it looks like an Elvis emoticon, but I always memoized it with "Not sure if he still exists" :-)


OTOH, the safe-navigation operator ?. will return left-hand side if it is null, otherwise evaluate right-hand side on the result of left-hand side, thus comparable to object && object.prop

So the proposal for JavaScript is not the Elvis operator, but comparable to the safe-navigation operator.

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Samantha Ming Author

Indeed! Yes, thanks for the correction. In my new blog post, I talk about the Elvis Operator and hopefully others won't make the same confusion as I had 😅