Discussion on: How does your company conduct interviews?

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Victor Schröder

Here we go like this, after we get the candidate application:

  1. CV analysis, not very strict, but some things are no-gos, like lack of care with the application

  2. Short email asking availability, salary expectation and relocation possibilities (most applicants are foreign)

  3. Short phone call with the product manager, to check cultural fit and basic communication skills

  4. Deep technical interview (using hangouts or skype), with a bunch of Q&A and lots of talk, but no hands on. It servers to access the candidate level of understanding of the technology and how curious they are. Some matches or divergences in terms of values become clear at this point

  5. Technical assignment. Git repo, 3-5 days to develop something according to the instructions. Unit tests, clear architecture and clean code are the most important points here

  6. Remote pair programming session, following coder/breaker pattern or refactoring exercise. It's done on the terminal with tmux and vim through an AWS instance

Each step is proceed only if the candidate passed the previous one. Sometimes, people can get approved somewhere in the middle of the process, when the match becomes obvious.