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Discussion on: Create Reusable Web Components in HTML

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Scott Yeatts

I've used them for about 2 years and LOVE them (to the point I'm getting self-concious that all of my comments are about web components... It's NOT a silver bullet! Sometimes old-school frameworks are useful too, just like sometimes you might find a reason to use jQuery in this day and age)

The problem may be that they're all using web components under the hood in various helpers: Stencil is my flavor of component compiler (built by the Ionic team... The reason Ionic v4+ is multi-framework and not just Angular? Web components)

Salesforce has been using web components for almost 6 years: Lightning Web Components.

Apple used Stencil in part of Apple Music (among other things), but it's just a part of the app. Github's components are called Catalyst, and the web components re-imagining of Bootstrap is called shoelace.

This stuff is all over the place, but sometimes it's realizing the tech being used behind the scenes, because the selling point isn't necessarily the tech involved, but the flexibility, and in some cases the creator's intent is to supplement the current status quo of frameworks, not upend it, so in some instances they might not even make it clear it's built on the Web Components spec. So the job post might SAY "Ionic" or "Salesforce" or what have you, but what that MEANS is web components.

That said, the Ionic team has been very active on Twitter and blogs talking about how important their decision to run with web components was.

I don't build Ionic apps, but man have I loved Stencil.

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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

That's a great point! Not many devs write blog posts about querySelector, but that doesn't mean it's "unpopular" or to be avoided.

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Mark Smith

Perhaps we should just start calling them secret web components from now on.

These secret web components sure sound great.