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Discussion on: Javascript needs competition on the front end. Thoughts?

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Scott Yeatts

And I just don't know that you can prove anything that you're saying. Would lots of C++ and Java devs choose something else for backend programming? Probably. Would lots of front-end programmers choose something else for the front-end? Probably not. Would people with extensive MEAN Stack experience choose something else for the full stack? I know I would if there were a good technical reason to do so, but in general, I would enjoy the benefits of a unified stack. Given that the question is 'does Javascript need competition on the front-end' my personal answer would be no, because fracturing the ecosystem is a bad thing (I lived and coded through the browser wars JScript/JavaScript/ECMAScript drama. I don't want to go back to writing the same code 3 times for different browsers)

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So you like javascript for the full stack, lots of people does not but have no choice for the front end. Having options is always good so yes it needs competition.

Sorry i will not spend time talking about the specific poor design choices of js, there is a lot of information out there.