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I understand why we have all these frameworks, but I don't like it either. Whatever "correct" is, this wouldn't be so bad if everyone used them correctly. But the number of frameworks multiplies the ways to do things badly. Like when you encounter Angular with weird stuff hacked in where it didn't belong because someone didn't know any better.

It takes less effort to use something, but way more effort and experience to be able to look at code and recognize what's wrong so that you can fix it and avoid piling onto a mess.

I'm concerned that developers are learning just enough of one to make a giant mess, realize that it's out of control, blame the tool, move on the the next one, and repeat. Every time that happens they leave something behind that lives for years for someone else to come along and maintain.

That's my view of the problem, not a proposed solution. I'm leaning towards Blazor. Not that it's better, but because I've got a way better chance of looking at it and knowing what's right and what's wrong. In past experience I've also noticed that ASP.NET MVC code is slightly less likely to turn wild west than JavaScript, so I'm a little bit optimistic that I'll encounter less unmaintainable stuff.

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