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Great article. I wish we had a better word than "junior" for people. I'll never call anyone that.

I like the part about being honest about what we don't know. The illusion or perception that we know everything is harmful. I look for any opportunity to say I don't know something. Even the newest, least experienced developer will know things I don't.

Also distinguishing between opinions and best practices. Even best practices are usually subjective. It's okay for a team to decide to do something and expect new members to go along, but we should be prepared to explain anything and answer questions. The worst thing we can do is portray a practice as something decided by Smart People (You Are Not Included) Who Shall Not Be Questioned.

I especially dislike, "That's not how the team does it," as if the the person we're talking to isn't part of the team. Chances are that's not how we meant it. But we should at least ask ourselves, "How do I mean it?"

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