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Super easy Firebase data editing with FireDrill

scottlepp profile image Scott Lepper ・3 min read

In my last Post I showed you how to use FireDrill to easily find data in your Firebase database. Now I'll show you how you can easily manage your data.

With FireDrill we can quickly find our Firebase data and once we find it we can easily edit it. It's also easy to Export your data to CSV (Spreadsheet, Excel) if you want to use Spreadsheets to further visualize or manipulate the data. And finally, you can Import bulk data from a CSV format.

Let's take a look.

Again I'll work with my "shoes" collection (which is no where near the size of my wife's shoe collection). Here I've drilled into "shoes".


Great, I found my shoes. I'm having a sale so I want to change the Price of the Converse "Chuck Taylor" shoe. So I'll click "Edit" on the search result. The card will go into Edit mode.


Here I can update any field now, including dates with a nice date picker. I'll update my price and click "Save". That's it! Easy! My price is now updated.


Now I want to add a new shoe. If I were using the Firebase console, I would add a new item to my collection, then enter each field name and value again, a bit cumbersome. In Firedrill, I can just clone an existing shoe and update the values.

On any search result item, click "Clone" and a new item will be added to the results in Edit mode:


Now update the value(s) and click "Save". Boom! New shoe. Much easier.

Awesome, I can add and edit stuff with ease. Now I want to Delete some items. No problem! Just click on the Cards to select them, once selected, you'll see a Delete link.


Now click the "Delete" link you see above. Poof! Gone! (Yeah, be careful).

So now I'd like to Export my shoes into CSV (Spreadsheet) format so I can run some spreadsheet functions or just have it in a format that is common to other tools, like Tableau or something to visualize the data. Or I could just Export to have an easy starting point for Importing bulk data. Easy! Just click the "Export" link.


Boom! Exported. Now I want to Import lots of shoes from some other data source. I can mass copy or export that other datasource into CSV. Once I have a CSV to import, just click "Import"

So here is my spreadsheet data. Let's import this.


Click the "Import" link and browse to your csv file and select it. Boom! Imported!

So I've showed you how easy it is to manage your Firebase data with FireDrill. Give it a shot. If you encounter any issues, please log them here FireDrill Issues.

If you have more ideas, or you would like to become a contributor, let me know!

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equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez

I'm trying sign in with Google Account and show this error.

This domain ( is not authorized to run this operation. Add it to the OAuth redirect domains list in the Firebase console -> Auth section -> Sign in method tab.

scottlepp profile image
Scott Lepper Author

In the firebase console open your project then Develop > Authentication. Then under Authorized Domains add

equiman profile image
Camilo Martinez

Thanks I'm new on Firebase.

ifdasbu profile image
Eren Aydin

There is also another solution
Application supports Android, IOS, MAC and Windows.